Conference Introduction

International Workshop on Holography and related technologies (IWH2018) was held in Suzhou, China, from November 30 to December 2, 2018. This is the 12th workshop which covers overall aspects on holography and related technologies, holographic memories, displays, holographic measurement, computer generated holograms and digital holography, ranging from their fundamental physics and technologies to practical systems. The first International Workshop on Holographic Memories (IWHM2007) was held in Penang, Malaysia. IWHM2008, IWHM&D2009-2010 were successfully held in Japan, which includes overall aspects on holographic memories and display. Since 2011, this workshop has extended the scope furthermore, IWH covers the holographic display as well as holographic memory. Last year, IWH2017 was held at Shizuoka, Japan with great success.

IWH2018 is jointly organized by by the following associations in Japan and China:

- Optical Society of Japan (OSJ)
- International Workshop on Holography
- Soochow University
- Tsinghua University
- Center for Optical Research and Education (CORE), Utsunomiya University.

in cooperate with the following societies:

- Holography & Optical Information Processing Committee of Chinese Optical Society
- Chinese Laser Press
- Research Group on Volume Holographic Memory Technology (VHM), OSJ
- Holographic Display Artists and Engineers Club (HODIC), OSJ
- Group of Information Photonics, OSJ
- Digital Optics Research Group, OSJ
- The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers, Japan
- The Institute of Image and Television Engineers, Japan
- Tochigi Optoelectronic Industry Promotion Conference, Japan